WINDFOR CONSULTING is involved in the wind potential characterization, evaluation of the expected production, estimate of long-term wind potential, determination of parameters for the choice of the wind turbine CEI EN or IEC Class. It acts as the Technical Adviser to Banks engaged in the financing the construction of wind power plants and provides collaboration to the Clients for the preparation of the technical documentation for the purchase of wind turbines an B.O.P. components of wind power plants.

WINDFOR CONSULTING supplies assistance in technical and commercial negotiations for the purchase, selling, construction and operation of wind power plants and carries out technical appraisals concerning the actual performance of wind power plants and the malfunctioning or breakage of relevant components.

WINDFOR CONSULTING has, in addition, taken part in the drawing up of standards concerning the wind sector at both national and international level, involving the company in the work of Technical Committee 88 “Wind Turbine Generating Systems” of CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committee).