Site, Wind and Energy Assessment (P50%, P75% e P90%)

The wind resource assessment of a site is one of the most important activities on which is based the development of a wind farm, because of it has the aim of an assessment as accurate as possible of the available wind resource at the site, because even modest errors in this evaluation mean significant losses of expected production.

Therefore this activity must be conducted with great care and expertise, starting  from the choice of the number of met stations to be installed and the height of measurements, the length of the measurement period and the wind data management and processing.

It should be noted that the quality and duration of the acquisition of wind data have a fundamental impact on a good wind resource assessment.

WINDFOR is widely recognized as a  leading company in Site, Wind and Energy Assessment of wind projects, being able to provide added value to the analysis due both from the contribution resulting from the availability of wind data coming from an owned wide network of met masts installed and from the use of effective and consolidated methodologies (that consider also CFD Analysis).

The services provided can be performed also using the most recent techniques of measurement of the wind, for example through Sodar equipment.

In addition, WINDFOR’s Experts dedicated to these activities are Certified User of the main software available on the market (WAsP and WindSim).

All services are performed according to the IEC Standards and Guidelines “Measnet.”

The technical assistance services may cover:

  • Site Survey
  • Definition or evaluation of the wind measurement systems to be adopted
  • Planning of the wind measurement campaigns
  • Installation, management and maintenance of wind measurement systems
  • Planning of the wind data storage
  • Selection and validation of the available wind data
  • Statistical Analysis of the available wind data
  • Long-Term Analysis and MCP
  • Micrositing
  • Wind Resource Maps
  • Wind farm layout definition
  • Assessment of the technical losses of the wind farm
  • Evaluation of the expected production  of the wind farm (P50%, P75% e P90%) and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Layout Optimization