Site Suitability of the Wind Turbines according to the Standard IEC 61400-12 Ed 3.

WINDFOR  provides technical assistance to assess the suitability of wind turbines for the environmental and operating conditions of a site in accordance with the requirements of the Standard IEC 61400-1, Ed 3 + Amendment 1.

In particular, it will be defined the reference parameters of the specific site to be used to determine whether the model of wind turbine proposed is, from the structural point of view and fatigue behavior, suitable to operate in a safe way in normal and extreme conditions, without a reduction of the designed lifetime evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the above-mentioned Standard.

The technical assistance services may cover:

  • Assessment on the location of the met stations installed on site
  • Assessment of wind data available
  • Assessment of thewake effects
  • Assessment of the reference wind speed
  • Assessment of both effective and representative turbulence
  • Assessment of other environmental conditions
  • Definition of the site-specific benchmarks for assessing the structural integrity and fatigue