Engineering of the construction, commissioning, testing and starting phases of plants

WINDFOR provides technical assistance for an independent assessment of the construction progress of a photovoltaic plant, carrying out, in particular , the monitoring of the overall organization of the yard, the compliance with the regulations for labour health and safety, the technical progress of civil and electromechanical works, the accounting progress of expenses, the testing phase of plant equipment, the existence of the technical conditions for the “Take Over” of the plant and the start of its commercial operation.

The technical assistance services may include:

  • On-site checks on the general organization of the yard
  • On-site checks on the compliance with the regulations for labour health and safety
  • On-site checks on the technical progress of civil works
  • On-site checks on the technical progress of electromechanical works
  • Analysis of the results of tests performed on building materials
  • Checks on the disposal of  waste material at authorized landfills
  • Accounting progress of supply, expenses and asseveration of the same
  • Expediting at factories to check for manufacturing progress of the supply
  • Checks of bills of lading and after shipping
  • Attendance at the tests performed on site on the electrical system of the plant and asseveration of their results
  • Assessment of the commissioning activities on the plant and components
  • Checks on the contents of any “punch list” and the successful implementation of corrective measures
  • Checks on the operation of the SCADA system of the plant as a whole
  • Assessment of the existence of the conditions for the Take Over of the plant
  • Checks on the compliance with requirements and prescriptions for the start-up of the commercial operation of the plant
  • Independent assessment of the actual costs of the plant (including overrun costs).