Inspections, Plant Fault Analysis and Diagniostic Activities

WINDFOR provides independent assessment of the conditions of wind farms, at all stages of the project lifecycle, starting from the survey on the green field during the development up to the inspection on wind turbines in operation (foundation, towers, gearboxes, generators, blades etc.) and on the Balance of Plant (MV and HV cables, Transformers, electromechanical equipment, foundations etc.), also performing  dedicated diagnostic activities on the components.

The technical assistance services may include:

  • Assessment of the condition of the internal roads of the wind farm
  • Assessment of the access to the wind farm, especially in the winter period
  • Assessment of the durability of the civil works of the plant in relation to the environmental conditions of the site
  • Assessment of the compliance of the Balance of Plant with the requirements and specifications of purchasing and procurement contracts
  • Check the actual conditions of all electromechanical components of the wind farm (wind turbines and Balance of Plant)
  • Evaluation of the causes of failure of the components of wind turbines and Balance of Plant
  • Diagnostic Activities