Short and Medium Term Forecasting of Climatology and Production

WINDFOR, also in cooperation with known international institutes of meteorology, develop and provide forecasting models of short, medium and long-term climatology as well as of the corresponding production of wind farms. Applications for short-term (24-72 hours) are required in managing technical and commercial relationships with the grid Owner   to which the wind plants are connected. Forecasts dealing with medium or long term are useful in the preparation, by the wind farm owners, of the budget or can support the development of new initiatives, especially where there is no availability of consolidated databases.

The technical assistance can include:

  • Prediction of wind and / or production planned for the “day after”.
  • Development of forecasting models “ad hoc” to be applied to plants or groups of plants in operation.
  • Remote management of data and development of the forecast at WINDFOR’s premises with the transmission of information to customers.
  • Preparation of maps of the wind and production on a small or large scale.
  • Study of the multi-day forecast for programming possible actions on plants.