Wind Energy

The significant production of electricity from wind power is achieved with wind farms  composed by large wind turbines (nominal power between 1 MW and 4 MW) mainly connected to the high voltage grid (HV) and, in small part, to the medium voltage grid (MV).

The wind farms are usually built onshore, on flat terrain and in hilly or mountainous areas at an altitudes lower than 1000 m; wind farms at high altitudes (over 1500 m) are limited mainly due to the difficulties of access and connection to the grid.

An important alternative is represented by offshore wind farms, realized in shallow waters (a few tens of meters) in which are currently installed wind turbines with a nominal power up to 5-6 MW .

WINDFOR has been supporting the various Operators involved in Wind Energy for nearly a decade. The technical expertise gained over the years by its experts provides a solid basis for decision-making assistance to these operators, regardless of the scope of the project, investment, or stage of the life cycle of the projects.

The various Operators that globally are active in Wind Energy can be classified in:

  • Investors and Banks
  • Developers
  • Owners
  • Public Bodies
  • Insurance Companies

WINDFOR is able to provide to these Operators a wide range of Services, which include: