EPC Contracts

Analysis, review and assistance in the drafting of EPC contracts, Purchase of Wind Farm equipment (Wind Turbines and Balance of Plant) and Contracts for the O&M of Wind Turbines and Balance of Plant.

WINDFOR has collaborated for a long time with several Customers and Banks for the development of technical documentation necessary to carry out tenders for the purchase of wind turbines and the implementation of the Balance of Plant of wind farms.

This activity aims to define both the technical and commercial aspects that appear most likely to minimize risks of delays in the construction of a wind farm or risks of malfunctions during the future operation (e.g., timetable of construction works, supply of Wind Turbines and other Wind Farm equipment, payments, contractual guarantees, serial defects, contractual guarantees, availability of wind turbines and BOP, etc..) that assess the level of checks and tests to be performed successfully in order to proceed to the provisional or final acceptance of the Wind Farm (e.g., mechanical completion, start-up and commissioning of the Wind Turbines and the other components of the Wind Farm, Reliability Tests, Punch List, etc..).

WINDFOR offers the gained experience providing qualified technical assistance in the preparation of contracts for the supply of wind turbines, the Balance of Plant, PPA contracts and O&M contracts for the operation and maintenance of wind farms.

The technical assistance services may cover:

  • Assessment on the technology of wind turbines for the Project
  • Preparation or review of the Technical Specification of wind turbines and Balance of Plant
  • Preparation or review of Term Sheets contracts for the O&M of wind turbines and Balance of Plant
  • Quality assurance
  • Preparation or review of EPC, PPA and O&M Contracts for wind turbines and Balance of Plant
  • Preparation of technical documentation for international bids
  • Technical and economical alignment of bids
  • Review of the timetable for the construction of the Project
  • Preparation or review of start-up and testing programs
  • Preparation or review of “experimental” operational period programs
  • Definition of the criteria for the provisional and final acceptance of the Project