Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence on Wind Turbines and Qualification of the Suppliers

This activity aims to define relevant information required for an assessment of the technical and economic capacity of the companies involved in the tenders for the construction of a wind farm (e.g., previous experience, track record, structure of technical and commercial offices, corporate quality plan, capacity to perform tests on the wind farm equipment to be provided, any subcontractors, etc..).

WINDFOR also carries out technical due diligence on specific wind turbine models of small, medium and large size using a consolidated experience in performing this task.

The typical Scope of Work of WINDFOR analyzes in detail the following topics:

  • Qualified Manufacturer and sub-contractors
  • Track record of the manufacturer and of the wind turbine
  • Production Process, Quality System and Certification of the wind turbine
  • Basic Contracts, finance and commercial options for the supply of wind turbines
  • General Operating Functions and Technical analysis of design solutions
  • Technical analysis of rotor-hub system, electrical system of the Nacelle and Auxiliary Systems, Safety Systems, Tower, Automatic Control and SCADA, Condition Monitoring and compatibility with the grid
  • Analysis of the types of O&M services proposed.