Projects at every stage of development

WINDFOR provides a wide range of technical services carried out by qualified technical expertise widely recognized in renewable energy market, in order to provide the appropriate tools which guide the main business decisions,  regardless of the scope of the project, the investment, or the phase of the life cycle.

The Due Diligence activities are carried out as Bank Advisor for Project Financing, as like as in case of acquisition of projects in development phase or already realized.

This activity summarizes all the services provided by WINDFOR and involves all the specialized technical skills of the company.

WINDFOR’s Experts have performed Technical Due Diligence on wind energy projects for more than 6000 MW.

The technical assistance services may include:

  • Authorization process and consistency with the Project as authorized by the Executive Bodies; technical analysis of requirements and prescriptions
  • Ground Leases and Land Agreements
  • Site Assessment
  • Critical evaluation of the Electrical and Civil Works design (in particular concerning the foundations of the wind turbines) and compliance with Standards, regulations and laws in force
  • Analysis, Review and Assistance in the preparation of Supply and O&M Contracts for wind turbines and Balance of Plant
  • Connection to the Grid: authorization process and contracts;
  • Counterparties Qualification
  • Technical Assistance for the preparation of the Financial Model
  • Determination of the Class of Site and Site Suitability Analysis of the project in accordance with standard IEC 61400-12 Ed 3
  • Evaluation of the Expected Production (P50%, P75%, and P90%), Long-term Analysis and Confidence Analysis
  • Monitoring of the construction, on-site inspections and inspection on turbines, Evaluation of the Mechanical Completion, Commissioning and Reliability tests phases, monitoring of the Completion of the Construction
  • Operation Monitoring , Performance Analysis of the Project and of the wind turbines, Analysis of the O&M activities carried out on the Project
  • Power Curve verification according to the Standard IEC 61400-12 – 1, Ed 1