WINDFOR is collaborating for a long time with the developers of wind projects to provide qualified technical assistance, regardless of the stage of project.

The investments in Wind Energy represents a typical example of a project for the assessment of which consolidated experience in multidisciplinary fields such as environmentally compatibility, meteorology, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, are needed.

WINDFOR provides technical assistance to its customers on the preliminary assessment of the suitability of a site for the installation of wind farm and its connection to the Grid, analyzing in detail all the main aspect that affect the realization of a Wind Farm, such as accessibility, construction risks, permitting and environmental constraints, expected production and development, construction and operation costs of the project.

WINDFOR increase the value of its technical assistance also providing bankable Wind Measurement Services based on consolidated technology (met masts) or new and innovative techniques (SODAR).

WINDFOR, widely recognized as a market leader in the Assessment of the Energy Production of wind projects, has performed Site, Wind & Energy Assessment for more than 9600 MW.

The technical assistance services may cover:

  • Feasibility Studies

WINDFOR provides technical assistance to its customers on the preliminary assessment of the suitability of a site for the installation of wind farm, of the accessibility to the site, of related construction risks, of the possible environmental constraints, of the expected production, of the connection to the grid and of the development, construction and operation costs of the project.

  • Site, Wind and Energy Assessment (P50%, P75% e P90%)

The wind resource assessment of a site is one of the most important activities on which is based the development of a wind farm, because of it has the aim of an assessment as accurate as possible of the available wind resource at the site, because  even modest errors in this evaluation mean significant losses of expected production. Therefore this activity must be conducted with great care and expertise, starting  from the choice of the number of met stations to be installed and the height of measurements, the length of the measurement period and the wind data management and processing.

WINDFOR is widely recognized as a  leading company in Site, Wind and Energy Assessment of wind projects, being able to provide added value to the analysis due both from the contribution resulting from the availability of wind data coming from an owned wide network of met masts installed and from the use of effective and consolidated methodologies (that consider also CFD Analysis), proven by the Track Record available on this activities.

  •  Environmental Assessment

WINDFOR provides technical assistance to verify the inclusion, from the landscape point of view, of the project in the area, the potential interference with areas subject to constraints, compliance with the requirements for the noise and electromagnetic compatibility of the wind turbines and, when requested, the compliance of the project with the “Equator Principles” developed by the” Equator Principles Financial Institutions” to minimize the social and environmental risks of the loans granted under the scheme of the project financing.

  • Technical Assessment of the Project

WINDFOR provides technical assistance for the assessment of the technical characteristics of the Final and Executive Design of the project, the adequacy and reliability of the geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical assessments available, the seismic characterization of the territory, the compliance with the legal requirement and Standards for the design of the wind turbine foundations and of the other civil and electromechanical structures, the requirements on health and safety and the compliance, in the executive design, with all of the technical requirements and prescriptions associated with Permitting and Permit to Build.

  • Site Suitability of the Wind Turbines according to the Standard IEC 61400-12 Ed 3+ Amendment A1

This activity aims to define both the basic parameters for the evaluation of the Wind Turbines Class at the point of installation of met mast used for wind resource assessment of the site and to assess the site-specific conditions to adopt as reference for the verification that the suppliers of the wind turbines must provide in order to demonstrate, in accordance with the provisions regarding the technical regulations in force, that the wind turbines proposed for the wind farm are suitable for the site and the layout without reduction of the nominal life of the project.

  • Analysis, review and assistance in the drafting of EPC contracts, Purchase of Wind Farm equipment (Wind Turbines and Balance of Plant) and Contracts for the O&M of Wind Turbines and Balance of Plant.

This activity aims to define both the technical and commercial aspects that appear most likely to minimize risks of delays in the construction of a wind farm or risks of malfunctions during the future operation (e.g., timetable of construction works, supply of Wind Turbines and other Wind Farm equipment, payments, contractual guarantees, serial defects, contractual guarantees, availability of wind turbines and BOP, etc..) that assess the level of checks and tests to be performed successfully in order to proceed to the provisional or final acceptance of the Wind Farm (e.g., mechanical completion, start-up and commissioning of the Wind Turbines and the other components of the Wind Farm, Reliability Tests, Punch List, etc..).

  • Technical assistance during business negotiations

WINDFOR provides technical support during business negotiations for the drawing up of Supply and O&M Contracts of Wind Turbines and Balance of Plant.

  • Technical Due Diligence on Wind Turbines and Qualification of the Suppliers

This activity aims to define relevant information required for an assessment of the technical and economic capacity of the companies involved in the tenders for the construction of a wind farm (e.g., previous experience, track record, structure of technical and commercial offices, corporate quality plan, capacity to perform tests on the wind farm equipment to be provided, any subcontractors, etc..).

  • Technical Assistance in the preparation of the Financial Model

This activity is intended to provide the values of the technical parameters to be used for the financial model that Banks or Financial Investor prepare in order to assess the appropriateness of the investment (e.g., the CAPEX and OPEX of the Project, possible extra costs, annual or monthly expected production, etc.).

  • Monitoring of the Construction, Commissioning and Testing phase of the Wind Farms, On Site and Wind Turbine Inspections, Monitoring at the end of Construction

This activity aims to assess the progress of the works during the construction of a wind farm performing, in particular, the monitoring of the overall organization of the site, the compliance with the requirements for the safety and health of workers, the technical progress of civil and electromechanical works, the accounting progress of the expenses, the tests on the wind farm equipment, the existence of the technical conditions for the Wind Farm Take Over, the start of the commercial operation and the compliance with the requirements of the EHS Guidelines (Equator Principles).

  • Monitoring of the Operation, Wind Farm and Wind Turbines Performance Assessment, analysis of the O&M activities performed on the Wind Farm.

This activity is intended to minimize operational risks, assess the quality of the services provided during ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on the components of the Wind Farm, evaluate the operating results and compare the expected performance with the actual performance through the Performance Matrix or the Artificial Neural Network approaches (Benchmarking), analyze malfunctions and breakdowns of Wind Turbines and Balance of Plant, identify and resolve issues concerning the operation of the plant.

  • Short and Medium Term Forecasting of Climatology and Production

WINDFOR, also in cooperation with known international institutes of meteorology, develop and provide forecasting models of short, medium and long-term climatology as well as of the corresponding production of wind farms. Applications for short-term (24-72 hours) are required in managing technical and commercial relationships with the grid Owner   to which the wind plants are connected. Forecasts dealing with medium or long term are useful in the preparation, by the wind farm owners, of the budget or can support the development of new initiatives, especially where there is no availability of consolidated databases.

  • Training

Many professionals in the renewable energy sector are based on the WINDFOR’s tailored training programs, which provide the main knowledge for the assessment and understanding of the basic technical aspects in wind and solar energy.

WINDFOR is active in Training services providing to the Operators of the wind energy market customized courses related to all technical and managerial aspects that guide the main business decisions.