Performance Assessment

WINDFOR provides technical assistance during the Operation of the Wind Farm, in order to achieve the minimization of all the operational risks.  This activity is provided starting from the preparation of contracts for the wind farm management and continue, adopting innovative techniques such as Performance Matrix or Artificial Neural Network, with the Wind Farm Performance Assessment and Benchmarking, considering both the expected and the actual production of the plant.

In addition to this, particular attention is then dedicated to the quality assessment of the maintenance services, providing also independent analysis of failures and faults of the components of the Wind Farm.

WINDFOR increase the value of the technical assistance also performing inspection on wind turbines in operation (foundation, towers, gearboxes, generators, blades etc.), on the Balance of Plant (MV and HV cables, Transformers, electromechanical equipment, foundations etc.) and carrying out dedicated diagnostic activities on the components, for the resolution of issues concerning the operation of the plant.

WINDFOR is active in the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Performance of the Wind Farms, providing the experi­ence and well understanding of the problems inherent this phase of the project, which arising from having examined, monitored and assessed the performance, on behalf of Investors and Banks, of tens of Wind Farms.