Procurement & Contracts

WINDFOR is collaborating for a long time with the sector Operators in the preparation of the technicalĀ  documentation to be used for tenders for the acquisition of photovoltaic plant components and construction of the plant as a whole.

The aim of these activities are to define at first the technical-economic aspects that seem more appropriate to minimize the risks of delay in the construction of the plant or difficulties during the future operation of the same (e.g., time table for the construction of the plant, supply of photovoltaic modules, inverter and other plant components, payments, contractual guarantees, serial defects, bonds, availability of a single component and the plant as a whole , etc.) and thenĀ  to assess the testing program to be positively carried out in the workshop on the main components and that to be performed in the field and on the plant as a whole for the provisional and final acceptance of the same.