Energy characterization of the site of interest

WINDFOR provides technical assistance to its customers on the preliminary assessment of the expected production with the layout and the plant components (photovoltaic modules, inverter, etc.) considered in the plant design in the site chosen for the installation of the plant. Of great importance are the definition of the orientation of modules, the number and technical characteristics of inverter, the quality of the plant components, the quality of the available solar radiation data, the evaluation of the shadow effect of possible obstacles in the proximity of the plant.

The technical assistance services may include:

  • Site survey
  • Selection and validation of available solar radiation data
  • Statistical Analysis of available solar radiation data
  • Correlation with long term solar radiation data
  • Evaluation of the plant layout
  • Definition of the parameters representing the main plant components (photovoltaic modules, structures for modules support, inverter, BT and MT cables, etc.)
  • Assessment of plant loss factors
  • Evaluation of the expected production¬† of the plant (P50%, P75% e P90%) and uncertainty analysis