WINDFOR provides technical assistance during the commercial operation phase of photovoltaic solar plants, in order to maximize the production and minimize  the operational risks.

This activity is provided beginning from the preparation of contracts for the management and maintenance of all plant components and continues with the evaluation of the performance of the plant considering both the expected and the actual production (Benchmarking). In addition, particular attention is devoted to the quality assessment of performed maintenance services, providing also an independent analysis of failures and faults of the components of the photovoltaic plant.

Moreover, WINDFOR increases the effectiveness of its technical assistance also by performing inspections on plant components, civil and electromechanical works (LV, MV and HV cables, transformers, electromechanical equipment, foundations etc.) and carrying out dedicated diagnostic activities on the components, for the resolution of issues concerning the operation of the plant.

The technical assistance services may include:

  • Technical assistance during business negotiations

WINDFOR provides technical support during business negotiations for the drawing-up of Supply and O&M Contracts concerning the components of a photovoltaic plant. 

  • Engineering of the commercial operation of plants

This activity has the aim to minimize operational risks, assess the quality of the services provided during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on plant components, evaluate the operating results as a whole and compare the expected performance with the actual performance (Benchmarking), analyze malfunctions and breakdowns of plant components, identify and solve problems concerning the operation of plants. 

  • Plant inspections and fault analysis of plant components

This activity has the aim to perform both an independent evaluation of the conditions of the components of a photovoltaic plant during the commercial operation phase and make independent analysis of any malfunctions and failures of such components that should happen. 

  • Evaluation of plant performance

This activity has the aim to pinpoint the operational factors that have conditioned the previous operation of a photovoltaic plant, in order to define the criteria necessary both to improve the operating quality of the plant and estimate its future performance. 

  • Technical Due Diligence on plants at every stage of development

This activity has the aim to collect the main technical information on the design aspects and the constructional and operational characteristics of a photovoltaic plant to be used in buying and selling negotiations. 

  • Forensic and contractual engineering, claim management

This activity has the aim to provide qualified technical assistance in legal disputes that may involve contractual aspects, hidden defects of plant components and the performance of the plant.