Public Bodies

As a market leader in independent renewable energy consultancy, WINDFOR offers its capability to understand the interplay between technology, politics, economics and regulations in such sector.  The result can be summarized in a proposal to the market of high quality strategic advice of both political and commercial nature.

Taking the right decisions nowadays in the renewable energy sector, in continuous and fast evolution, is not easy. Continually changing market conditions, complex political dynamics and rapid technology development delivered through an increasingly global and interconnected supply chain are just some of the challenges to be tackled by decision makers.

The technical assistance services may cover:

  • Strategy Consulting

Deep industry knowledge based on front-line experience. 

  • Policy and regulatory advice

Understanding the interplay between technology, economics and politics. 

  •  Training

Many professionals in the renewable energy sector are based on the WINDFOR’s tailored training programs, which provide the main knowledge for the assessment and understanding of the basic technical aspects in wind and solar energy.

WINDFOR is active in Training services providing to the Operators of the wind energy market customized courses related to all technical and managerial aspects that guide the main business decisions.