Feasibility Studies

Decisions to invest in any sector of the market pass normally through a “Feasibility Study” that analyze the various implementation and operational phases of the Project, identifies the possible risks, estimates the annual revenues expected, defines the amount of investment and profitability thereof.
It is, in general, a complex study, often multi-disciplinary, which requires attention and expertise.
The investments in wind energy represents a typical example of a project for the assessment of which consolidated experience in multidisciplinary fields such as environmentally compatibility, meteorology, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, are needed.

WINDFOR provides technical assistance to its customers on the preliminary assessment of the suitability of a site for the installation of wind farm, of the accessibility to the site, of the the related construction risks, of the possible environmental constraints, of the expected production, of the connection to the grid and of the development, construction and operation costs of the project.
The technical assistance services may cover:

  • Assessment of possible existing environmental constraints
  • Technical assessment of the site
  • Proposal of wind turbine models to be considered for the project
  • Definition of a preliminary layout and nominal power
  • Preliminary assessment of expected production
  • Technical evaluation of the connection to the grid
  • Preliminary Financial Analysis