Wind Farm Performance Assessment

WINDFOR provides technical assistance for the performance assessment of the wind farm, in order to acquire useful information both to improve the performance of the plant and to estimate the future performance of the same.

The technical assistance services may include:

  • Analysis of type and quality of the available documentation on the operation of the Wind Farm
  • Assessment of the availability allocated to wind turbines
  • Assessment of the availability allocated to the Balance of Plant (BOP)
  • Analysis of possible operation anomalies of the wind turbines and the corrective actions taken
  • Analysis of possible operation anomalies of electromechanical components (disconnections from the grid, inadvertent opening of switches, transformer faults, failures of electrical joints and terminals , etc.)
  • Performance of insulation tests on cables and electrical equipment,
  • Evaluation of aging cables or other types of solid insulation
  • Evaluation of dissolved gases in the insulating oil of power transformers
  • Comparison of the expected production in the development phase of the plant and the actual obtained during the commercial operation of the same
  • Analysis of the documentation relating to the electricity sold and absorbed by the wind farm
  • Estimation of the expected future production of the wind farm (using Artificial Neural Networks and CFD analysis .