WINDFOR was established in 2004 and provides independent technical consulting for companies interested in wind-powered electricity production. More precisely, it provides a “Second Opinion”, “Technical Due Diligence” and “Technical Advice” for:
• Operators in wind-power sector (site development and/or plant installation)
• Banks (financing of wind-power projects)
• Government departments, Regions, Provinces and Municipalities (authorization of wind-power projects)

WINDFOR is wholly owned by its Partners; it owns no interests in companies supplying components for wind-power plants, nor does not intend to acquire any such interests in wind projects or in wind-power plant developed by its own Clients. This Company choice represents for our Clients a guarantee of independent and fair services. The Partners of WINDFOR can boast of unique experience inasmuch as they have been engaged in the area since 1980, the year in which Italian electricity and mechanical engineering companies began to show an interest in wind-power technology. Participation of Partners, in a period of time of about 25 years, to activities at national, international, institutional and standardization level currently makes it possible for WINDFOR to offer a consultancy with a global vision of the wind sector and of top-quality level. The commitment of WINDFOR is that of sharing targets, needs and priorities of Clients to increase the effectiveness of their intervention and to assure them the success.